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Want to protect your investments by having them properly documented and insured? Get them appraised by the professionals at Eufemia Jewelry Inc. We’re a GIA-certified appraiser and we’ll gladly give you a valuation on your jewelry.

Protect yourself with a proper appraisal performed by a certified appraiser in the event that your jewelry is stolen, lost or damaged.

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•  Engagement rings

•  Precious gemstones

•  Vintage collections or antiques

•  Necklaces

•  Earrings

•  Bracelets

•  Watches

Appraise any piece of jewelry

•  Antique jewelry

•  Estate jewelry

•  Gold watches

•  Broken jewelry

•  Unwanted jewelry

•  Scrap jewelry

•  Gold bullion

Want to appraise your jewel to sell?

Do you have a family heirloom that you want appraised so that you know its value? Or are you curious to know how much your great grandmother’s wedding ring is worth? Bring it to us and we’ll offer a comprehensive insurance or estate appraisal on jewelry.

Protect your investment with proper appraisal

Certified GIA appraiser on-site just for you!

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